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Japanese Patent JP3395123
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To enhance printing speed without sacrifice of print accuracy by arranging a plurality of print heads in the printing direction while shifting each print head sequentially in the printing direction by an amount corresponding to a plurality of intervals of ink nozzle thereby constituting a set of ink jet heads.
SOLUTION: A print head 1 comprises a large number of ink nozzles 5 opening linearly in the print window thereof wherein a plurality of print heads, e.g. three print heads 1a-1c, are arranged in the printing direction as a set of an ink jet head A. The print heads 1a-1c are shifted sequentially by one third of the interval L of the ink nozzle 5 in the print width direction. Since a print 3 of the ink jet head A has a dot pitch L2 equal to L1/3 and the dot pitch in the print width direction is denser as compared with a single print head 1, print accuracy can be enhanced in the print width direction.

Izawa, Hideo
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Publication Date:
April 07, 2003
Filing Date:
July 15, 1997
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Izawa, Hideo
International Classes:
B41J3/54; B41J2/13; B41J2/21; (IPC1-7): B41J2/21; B41J2/13; B41J3/54
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浜本 忠