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Japanese Patent JP3817168
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a joint device for a roof that can make right and left roof materials and a joint roof material flush with each other, stores the joint roof material in a clearance between a roof skeleton and the roof material without being disturbed by a joint roof material support mechanism when a joint part becomes narrow, and can certainly keep the joint roof material in an original state even when the joint part becomes wide.
SOLUTION: This joint device 1 for the roof comprises the left and right roof materials 7 and 7A of a building, the joint roof material 9 for covering the gap between the right and left roof materials, and a mounting fitting 10 for mounting the other side of the joint roof material 9 to the roof skeletons upwardly movably. The joint device 1 also comprises the joint roof material support mechanism 11, which comprises an energizing spring for always energizing, in the expansion direction, a telescopic link 19 of which one end is mounted to one roof skeleton above a guide rail 17 disposed on the upper surface of the joint roof material 9, and a hoisting wire 22 of which upper end is mounted to the telescopic link 19 and lower end slides on the guide rail 17.

Hideo Goto
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August 30, 2006
Filing Date:
December 12, 2001
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Doei Exterior Co., Ltd.
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E04B1/62; E04B9/00; (IPC1-7): E04B9/00; E04B1/62
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Mitsuyasu Miura