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Japanese Patent JP3439010
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To make a knockdown box less bulky and easy to move and make it simple to manufacture so as to lower the cost.
SOLUTION: To form a knockdown box into a box body 1 bending grooves are formed in a polygonal thin board material of synthetic resin in parallel with its respective sides and the thin board parts coming on the outer side of the bending grooves are erected therealong. Each angled part 1c of the polygonal thin board material when the thin board parts 1a, 1b are erected is folded in two triangles. On the outer side of the erected thin board part 1b a locking means 3 is provided, which attaches and fastens removably thereto a winglike triangular piece 1c formed by the folding at each of the angled parts. At each of the corners of the box body 1 formed by erecting the thin board parts 1a, 1b a shape-retaining means 4 is provided, which holds the corner in shape in a manner of one part being tucked over another and releasably.

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Kusano, Yoichi
Takaoka, Shinichi
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Publication Date:
August 25, 2003
Filing Date:
December 19, 1995
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Kusano, Yoichi
Takaoka, Shinichi
International Classes:
B65D5/24; B65D6/18; B65D6/26; (IPC1-7): B65D5/24; B65D6/18; B65D6/26
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植木 久一