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Japanese Patent JPH03123934
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PURPOSE: To improve the quality of knowledge and to acquire large quantity of knowledge by providing a knowledge acquirement control means controlling a knowledge base, an editing means, a conversion means and a knowledge means based on the instruction of a user, which can be obtained from an input means, and controlling knowledge acquirement.

CONSTITUTION: The knowledge acquirement control means 6 receives the instruction of a processing from the user through the input means 1 and judges the content of the processing. When it judges it to be a generation processing, the editing means 3 is started, a check procedure is obtained and the attribute of knowledge is obtained. Then, the conversion means 4 is started, the check procedure is converted into an intermediate language, the knowledge means 5 is started, knowledge is generated from the knowledge attribute and the intermediate language and it is inserted into the knowledge base 2. When the instruction of the user is judged to be an update processing, knowledge to be updated is extracted from the base 2 by the name of knowledge obtained from the means 1. Then, the editing means 3 is started and the check procedure and the attribute of knowledge are corrected. Then, the means 4 converts the corrected procedure into the intermediate language and the means 5 generates knowledge from the corrected knowledge attribute and the intermediate language obtained from the means 4, whereby the base 2 is updated by obtained knowledge.

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Publication Date:
May 27, 1991
Filing Date:
October 06, 1989
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International Classes:
G06F9/44; G06N5/04; (IPC1-7): G06F9/44