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Japanese Patent JP2015134124
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a lifting table that has improved accuracy of synchronization and speed of elevating and lowering operations of a top plate, a simple device structure, and enhanced operability.SOLUTION: A lifting table 10 comprises a top plate 11, and right and left legs 12, 12 which support the top plate 11. The top plate 11 is arranged such that it is capable of moving upward and downward. Each of the legs 12 comprises a fixed leg portion 20 which is fixed to the top plate 11, and a movable leg portion 30 which is capable of moving so as to extend or contract downward relative to the fixed leg portion 20. The lifting table 10 further comprises: a tensioning rotation member 41 disposed on a lower surface of the top plate 11; a synchronizing tension wire 45, one end of which is fixed to the movable leg portion 30 so as to receive a load applied to the movable leg portion 30 and the other end of which is wound around and fixed to the tensioning rotation member 41 via wire direction changing means which changes a pulling direction of the wire; and a rotary torque cancelling mechanism 50 which exerts a tension for cancelling a rotary torque acting on the tensioning rotation member 41. Components such as the top plate 11 and the fixed leg portion 20 are brought into a state close to weightlessness.

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July 27, 2015
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January 18, 2014
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