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Japanese Patent JP3229172
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PURPOSE: To provide a small-sized liquid crystal display device having an excellent display grade.
CONSTITUTION: Transparent electrodes and a surfactant layer are formed on a translucent substrate 2 and thereafter, an oriented film 5 is formed thereon to constitute one substrate member 6. The oriented film 5 is formed in a region 15a which is a liquid crystal injection region 15, an injection hole region 16 and a region 15b which is a part of the region where an adhesive member 7 is formed. On the other hand, the spaces formed by the adhesive member 7 applied on the oriented film 5 of the substrate member 6, the oriented film 5 and the oriented film of the other substrate member are made into the space 18 to constitute a liquid crystal layer by injection of the liquid crystals and the injection hole 17 for injecting the liquid crystals into the space 18 in communication with the space 18. The width D of the adhesive member 7 and the width (d) of the region 15b superposed on the adhesive member 7 and the oriented film 5 are selected in a range of D>d≥0. A pair of the substrate members are stuck to each other and the liquid crystals are injected therebetween from the injection hole 17 and thereafter, the inlet of the injection hole 17 is sealed by a sealing member 13.

Fujioka, Kazuyoshi
Yoshimura, Yoji
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Publication Date:
November 12, 2001
Filing Date:
August 24, 1995
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G02F1/1339; (IPC1-7): G02F1/1339
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西教 圭一郎