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Japanese Patent JP2000054694
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To improve crime prevention by engaging a ring spring provided on a cap with a ring groove formed on a front surface of a lock and covering a key hole free to connect and disconnect it.

A key hole 17 is covered by pressing a recessed part 10a of a cap 10 on a head end part 11a of a lock 11 and fitting a ring spring 12 the part of which is cut off to freely open in a groove 16 of the head end part 11a at the time of using it. Thereafter, the cap 10 is removed from the head end part 11a by inserting a leg part of an unlocking jig into a through hole provided on a specified part of a front surface of the cap 10 and removing it from the groove 16 by extending the spring 12 outward. In place of it, a cap is installed by an engagement projection formed on the cap consisting of an elastic member and an engagement groove provided on the front surface side of the lock and opening a V groove formed from a central part of the cap toward an outer peripheral part by the unlocking jig. Thereafter, normal and false lock members are arranged on the cap, and it is devised possible to remove them only in the case when the normal lock member is operated by the unlocking jig. Consequently, it is possible to prevent unlawful unlocking.

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Publication Date:
February 22, 2000
Filing Date:
August 05, 1998
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E05B17/18; (IPC1-7): E05B17/18
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佐々木 功 (外1名)