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Japanese Patent JPH11229689
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To easily lock or unlock a door from the inside by integrally forming a lock part in a locking bar and bring an inner open plate into contact with the lock part by pulling or pushing an inner knob or releasing the contact.

A lock part 31 projecting a protrusion 33 to the reverse direction against a ratch part 15 is integrally formed in a locking bar 7 or a lock device 4 opening a door 3 by turning inner and outer knobs 17, 17A and detaching the ratch part out of an engaging hole through inner and outer open plates. The inner open plate 19 is slidably pivotted in between the locking and unlocking positions. The door 3 is closed by pulling the inner knob 17 and when the inner knob 17 is further pulled, the inner open plate 19 is brought into contact with the front end face 33A of the protrusion 33 of the lock part 31 to prevent the outer knob 17A from turning and prohibit the door from opening. When pushing in the inner knob 17 slightly, the inner open plate 19 gets out of the lock part 31 and transfers to the unlocking position. The structure prevents the door from being locked or unlocked accidentally owing to a shock or the like.

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Publication Date:
August 24, 1999
Filing Date:
February 10, 1998
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International Classes:
E05B55/14; E05B65/06; (IPC1-7): E05B55/14; E05B65/06
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星野 則夫