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Japanese Patent JPS62228575
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A lock set comprises a housing (20) having a latch bolt assembly supported therewithin. The bolt assembly includes a bolt (18) movable between latched and retracted positions. A retractor slide (22) is connected to the bolt (18) and is supported by the housing (20) for longitudinal sliding movement relative thereto between bolt (18) retracted and latching positions. Axially movable and rotatable first drive member (34) extends transversely of the direction of movement of the bolt and is engaged (35) with the retractor slide (22) for movement thereof between the bolt retracted and latched positions. The first drive member (34) includes a locking surface (50). An operating assembly comprising a hand operator (25) having a locking slot (64) formed in an axially extending portion thereof. A cylinder (28) having a plug portion (30) is disposed within the hand operator (25), the plug portion (30) being rotatable relative thereof. A non-rotatable sleeve (32) is radially sandwiched between the hand operator (25) and the first drive member (34) and includes a radially movable retainer (48) aligned with the locking slot (64) and normally extending therethrough for locking the hand operator (25) to the sleeve (32). The locking surface (50) of the first drive member (34). Rotation of the plug (30) results in actuation of the second drive member (58) to move the first drive member (34) axially to radially displace the locking surface (50) relative to the retainer member (48).

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October 07, 1987
Filing Date:
March 13, 1987
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E05B55/14; E05B55/00; (IPC1-7): E05B55/14