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Japanese Patent JPH05113067
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PURPOSE: To enable a door to be opened or closed with certainty by installing a spring, energizing a locking bolt in the projecting direction, and engaging an engaged plate, connecting to a cam member through a tension coil spring, at a projecting position.

CONSTITUTION: At the time of door opening, a lever is rotated, and a locking bolt 15 is moved in the rear. In addition, a cam member 14 and an engaged plate 18 are connected to each other by a tension coil spring 19 and a notch 18c of this engaged plate 18 is engaged with a lock plate 16. Then the bolt 15 is engaged tight at a projecting position, and when unhanding from the lever, it is reset to the original position by dint of a coil spring 17. Further both cam members 13, 14 are put back to their original positions each, through which the tension coil spring 19 energizes the engaged plate 18 in the resetting direction. Next, at the time of door closing, the bolt 15 goes back, and the lock plate 16 separates from the notch 18c, putting the engaged plate 18 back to the original position, and the bolt 15 is pierced through into a door frame by energizing force of the coil spring 17. In this connection, at the time of locking, a knob of a thumb-turn 24 is turned round, advancing a cam plate forward, and it is inserted into the notch of the cam member 13, thus locking is carried out.

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Publication Date:
May 07, 1993
Filing Date:
October 18, 1991
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International Classes:
E05B65/06; E05B55/00; E05C1/00; E05C1/12; E05C1/16; E06B11/06; (IPC1-7): E05B65/06; E05C1/00; E05C1/12; E06B11/06
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Sasaki Isao