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Japanese Patent JP3865652
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a waterproof and dustproof type locking device which makes a key hole closed with a shutter plate during non-operation, allows easy discrimination between states of locking and unlocking when seen from a front side, and has a simple structure.
SOLUTION: A turning body 14 is turnably housed in a housing 13 in which the key hole 16 is provided at a front end 13b. A recess 15 is axially formed in a front surface part of the turning body 14 facing the front end 13b; and the shutter plate 17 capable of closing the key hole 16 is arranged between the turning body 14 and the front end 13b of the housing 13. When pushed by a key part of an operating handle, the shutter plate 17 is advanced into the recess 15, and turned together in the turning body 14 by turning the operating handle. A first protrusion 17e is formed at least on a surface of the shutter plate 17, and can be fitted into the key hole 16. A pawl fitting 20 is attached in the rear of the turning body 14 and swung by turning the turning body 14, so as to be put into a locked or unlocked state.

浅井 剛
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January 10, 2007
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May 13, 2002
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E05B17/18; E05B3/00; (IPC1-7): E05B17/18; E05B3/00
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白浜 吉治