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Japanese Patent JPH08218713
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PURPOSE: To confirm locking and unlocking easily by gripping a key by an internal cylinder and removing the key from a key structure and an external cylinder at the time of a locked state.

CONSTITUTION: When a key 3 is inserted into the key inserting hole 6c of an internal cylinder 5 and a cylinder 6a is pushed down, a locking pin 6d is projected from the bottom of a cylinder type key structure 6, the cylinder 6a is locked to a casing 6b at the place when the key 3 is turned under the state, and the locking pin 6d is maintained under the state, in which the locking pin 6d is inserted into the locking hole of a locking member, thus completing locking between two leg bodies. The engaging pin of the internal cylinder 5 is placed at the lower left-end spot of the engaging groove of an external cylinder 4 under the state, and the engaging groove is extended up to the upper end of the external cylinder 4 towards an upper section from the spot and opened. Accordingly, when the key 3 is drawn upwards, the key 3 is held elastically by leaf springs 5d, 5e on the inside, thus slipping off the internal cylinder 5, in which the key 3 is held, from a key body 2 together with the key 3 and pulling up and separating the internal cylinder 5, then easily confirming locking and unlocking.

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Publication Date:
August 27, 1996
Filing Date:
February 15, 1995
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International Classes:
E05B71/00; B62H5/18; E05B11/02; E05B19/00; E05B19/22; E05B35/04; E05B41/00; (IPC1-7): E05B71/00; B62H5/18
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八木田 茂 (外1名)