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Japanese Patent JPH0237954
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PURPOSE: To prevent the generation of pinholes, etc., in the case of casting an Al alloy wheel, etc., by specifying the moisture contained in the pressurized gas which pressurizes a molten metal surface and lifts the molten metal through a stoke into a casting mold.

CONSTITUTION: The low-pressure casting device pours the molten metal into the casting mold by the effect of supplying the pressurized gas to the surface of the molten metal and lifting the molten metal by the pressure thereof and, therefore, the moisture in the pressurized gas dissolves into the molten metal in the casting of the low-pressure casting device. This moisture is released from the inside of the molten metal according to the solubility of the gas in the molten metal after the ordinary pressure is restored in the casting mold. The dissolved Al alloy is liable to react with the moisture and the oxides of the respective alloy components are liable to be formed if the reaction takes place. The oxides and the steam gas by the moisture are liable to form the pinholes in the Al alloy casting. The moisture contained in the pressurized gas is, therefore, removed by connecting a dehumidifier 4 to the mid-point of a pressurized gas piping 3 from an air compressor 1 which is a pressurized gas supplying machine to a hermetic crucible 2, by which the moisture contained in the pressurized gas is decreased to ≤4g/m2 at the absolute temp.

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February 07, 1990
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July 27, 1988
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B01D53/26; B22D18/04; (IPC1-7): B01D53/26; B22D18/04
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