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Japanese Patent JPH01250901
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PURPOSE:To curtail the price of a mold and to reduce the injection molding cost, and to improve the commodity value by bringing a three-color type combination lens surrounded by a lens frame to injection molding by an operation of two times by using two sets of molds. CONSTITUTION:A mold for injection molding of two pieces of lenses arranged on both ends among three pieces of lenses having three kinds of color tones, which have been arranged by three pieces is constituted as one body, and two pieces of cavity parts corresponding to two pieces of lenses are linked by a molten plastic passage. In this mold, two pieces of lenses 1, 3 of both ends are brought to injection molding by an operation of once by two kinds of molten plastic materials corresponding to the respective color tones, for instance, color tones Y, W of two pieces of lenses 1, 3 of both ends. Two lens connecting members 5', 6' which have been molded are contained in another mold, and the center lens 2 of, for instance, a color tone R and a lens frame 4 at least on three sides in the periphery are brought to injection molding by an operation. Subsequently, a step difference is provided along the boundary to the lens frame 4, and also, painting is performed to the outside face of the lens frame 4. In such a way, the mold manufacturing cost can be reduced, and also, by decreasing the injection molding process, the cost can be reduced.

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October 05, 1989
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March 31, 1988
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G02B3/00; B29C45/14; B29C45/16; F21S8/10; F21V5/00; (IPC1-7): B29C45/14; B29C45/16; F21Q1/00; G02B3/00