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Japanese Patent JP3047595
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PURPOSE: To secure bond strength and airtightness in a bonding part by enabling opening-peripheral parts of depressed moldings of upper and lower parts constituting a fuel tank to be bonded to each other in a high temperature state.
CONSTITUTION: A high temperature state melted resin sheet 22 is extruded conforming to a mold size to be put fixedly on a projected metal mold 46. Suction holes 34 provided to an inner wall 32 of a depressed mold 30 capable of being mated with the projected mold 46 are evacuated with a vacuum device 40, and a heated film 42 of the same quality as the resin sheet 22 is stuck fast to the inner wall 32 of the depressed metal mold 30. The projected mold 46 is mated with the depressed mold 30. They are thermally compressed and thereafter the molds are opened. The depressed mold 30 wherein high temperature state depressed moldings manufactured thus are held is mated with another mold wherein high temperature state depressed moldings manufactured in the same way are held, and they are thermally compressed. Since a bond part of the depressed moldings is welded in a high temperature state, their bond strength is improved.

Fujiwara, Masami
Hayashi, Hidetoshi
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Publication Date:
May 29, 2000
Filing Date:
February 24, 1992
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B29C48/305; B29C51/08; B29C51/10; B29C51/22; B29C65/02; B29C65/70; B29C69/00; B29D22/00; B60K15/03; B65D8/00; B65D8/18; B29C49/00; B29L22/00; (IPC1-7): B29D22/00; B29C51/08; B29C51/10; B29C65/02; B60K15/03; B65D8/00
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中島 淳 (外1名)