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Japanese Patent JP3678473
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To make it possible to continuously efficiently produce a gypsum board without causing an unbalance in the step of molding the gypsum of Paris to be cast between base sheets for the board in a plate state.
SOLUTION: The method for manufacturing a gypsum board has the steps of sequentially supplying lower base sheet 2, gypsum slurry 5 and upper base sheet 3 onto a belt conveyor 1, and manufacturing a molding having the slurry 5 sandwiched between the sheets 2 and 3, and comprises the step of emitting visible light ray 7 to the end of the reservoir of the slurry 5 to be flowed out to the center of the sheet 2 in the lateral direction from a mixer 4. The method further comprises the steps of selecting only the video signal of the same color as that of the ray 7 by a camera 8 and an image analyzer, and measuring the position of the end of the reserved amount of the slurry 5 from the area of the ray 7 deflected at the end of the reservoir of the slurry 5 by the position change of the slurry amount.

Nakamasa Masamasa
Siuteh Juan Weizemann
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August 03, 2005
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October 13, 1995
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Chiyodaute Co., Ltd.
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C04B28/16; B28B1/30; B28B5/02; B28B13/02; (IPC1-7): B28B1/30; B28B5/02; B28B13/02; C04B28/16
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Arisa Ushiro