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Japanese Patent JPS6010748
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PURPOSE:To reduce the number of times of a silicon nitride film formation process, a selective oxidation process and a silicon nitride film removal process for selective oxidation by a method wherein a process to oxidize simultaneously regions of the plural number in an element forming region is contained using a composed mask. CONSTITUTION:An N<+> type region 2 is formed in the surface layer of a P type silicon substrate 1, and an N<-> type layer 3 is formed in succession, and after a shallow silicon dioxide layer 4 is formed in the surface layer of the N<-> type layer 3, a silicon nitride layer 5 is formed. A groove 6 of U-shape section is formed in a belt type region surrounding an element forming region. After a silicon dioxide layer 7 is formed on the inside face of the U-shape groove 6 according to thermal oxidation, a polycrystalline silicon layer 8 is grown in the U-shape groove 6. The polycrystalline silicon layer 8 grown on the silicon nitride layer 5 is polished to be removed. Then the silicon nitride layer 5 is removed from the simultaneous oxidation desiring regions using a composed mask. Selective oxidation is performed using the remaining silicon nitride film 5 as a mask, and a silicon dioxide film 11 is formed on the U-shape groove 6, a belt type region 9 positioning along the groove thereof and a collector base intercepting region 10. After then, the silicon nitride film 5 after used is removed to expose the silicon dioxide film 4.

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Publication Date:
January 19, 1985
Filing Date:
June 30, 1983
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H01L21/76; H01L21/331; H01L21/762; H01L21/763; H01L29/73; H01L29/732; (IPC1-7): H01L21/76
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Seiichi Samukawa