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Japanese Patent JP3551056
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method for manufacturing a spontaneously decomposable molding without particularly coating a surface with a decomposable plastic or the like simply in a manufacturing step while providing an effective waterproofness.
SOLUTION: Starch and water are mixed at a ratio of, for example, 2:1 by weight, and agitated to form a paste-like starch solution 1. An inner mold 3 for molding and heated to about 90°C is dipped in the solution 1. After a predetermined time is elapsed, the mold 3 is taken out, and a water-containing starch film 5 is stuck to its surface in a thickness of about 5 to 6 mm. Then, vegetable fibers 7 are adhered to the starch adhering to the surface of the mold 3. The mold 3 adhering to the film 5 and the fibers 7 is inserted into an outer mold 9 for molding, and the solution 1 is poured in a gap between the molds 3 and 9. The molds 3 and 9 are heated to a higher temperature than a heating temperature of the mold 3 to transpirate its moisture from the solution existing between the molds 3 and 9 and to solidify and mold the starch. Eventually, the molds 3, 9 are removed, and a bucket-like container 11 of the molding is removed.

Zenichi Ogawa
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August 04, 2004
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January 13, 1999
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Obayashi Corporation
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B29C41/40; B29C39/18; B29C41/32; B29C41/46; B29C69/02; C08L3/00; B29K311/10; B29L22/00; (IPC1-7): B29C41/32; B29C39/18; B29C41/40; B29C41/46; B29C69/02; C08L3/00
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Kensuke Isshiki
Noritaka Harashima
Satoshi Suzuki
Kurokawa Megumi