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Japanese Patent JPH07116222
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PURPOSE: To obtain a massage machine in which manufacturing can be simplified and coupling can be surely performed without using an adhesive and disassembly and damage can be prevented from occurring even when it is used for a long period by forming an elastic connecting claw formed in the inside on one side of an upper half member and a lower half member and an engaging hole for the connecting claw formed in the inside on the other side at a hollow base material and a sphere supporting member.

CONSTITUTION: The hollow base material A is constituted of the lower half member 2 and the upper half member 3 made of a hard synthetic resin, and it is provided with edge parts 4, 5 fitting in mutually. A cushioning plane plate 6 to stabilize the erecting position and collapsing position of a pressing sphere supporting member is provided integrally with the lower half member 2, and a cushioning plane plate 9 provided with an edge 8 coming into contact with an upper edge fitting in the cushioning plane plate 6 is formed integrally with the upper half member 3, and the inside of the cushioning plane plate 9 is formed as a cavity part 10. An inward directing connecting claw 12 is formed by suspending at the cushioning plane plate 9 of the upper half member 3 as providing the elasticity of a raw material, and the engaging hole 13 to which the connecting claw 12 is connected when both upper and lower half members are fitted in together is formed at the lower half member 2.

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Publication Date:
May 09, 1995
Filing Date:
January 18, 1994
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International Classes:
A61H39/04; (IPC1-7): A61H39/04
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Hideo Dobashi (1 outside)