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Japanese Patent JP2019058154
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To provide a moving body in which the position of an operating part can be adjusted depending on the type of an operation, and that can perform various operations.SOLUTION: A moving body comprises a first supporting mechanism for supporting a first wheel, a second supporting mechanism for supporting a second wheel, a supporting shaft for rockably supporting the first supporting mechanism with respect to the second supporting mechanism, and a driving part for driving the first wheel. The first wheel includes one wheel provided on one side in a width direction different from an arrangement direction of the first wheel and the second wheel, and another wheel provided on another side in the width direction. The first supporting mechanism includes one supporting mechanism for supporting the one wheel, and another supporting mechanism for supporting the other wheel. The one supporting mechanism and the other supporting mechanism are arranged side by side at an interval in an axial direction of the supporting shaft, and comprise a fitting part that can be fitted with an operating part for performing an operation between the one supporting mechanism and the other supporting mechanism.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 28

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April 18, 2019
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September 28, 2017
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A01B33/02; A01B33/08; A01D34/43; B62K5/027; B62K13/00; B62K17/00; E01H5/09
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安田 幹雄

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