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Japanese Patent JPH11197006
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To cook different cooking simultaneously in one pan by forming a projected part in the center, and forming a connected recessed part separated in two or more cells by separating panels on a periphery thereof for separated cells for different types of cooking, and by using an upper plate part of the projected part as a heating plate for roasting.

A multi-purpose pan body 1 is a ring-shaped pan body, where a projected part 2 is formed in the center, and a recessed part 3 is connectedly formed on a periphery thereof. The recessed part 3 is separated by separating panels 4 into two cells, where a cell 3a is used, for example for a shabushabu cooking, and a cell 3b for a chanko cooking. And an upper plate 5 of the projected part 2 is a heating plate for roasting such as a roast meat or the like, where air holes 6... are formed thereon, and guide members 7 are projected to prevent a piece of meat or the like from slipping down and to securely place them in the upper plate 5. The multi-purpose pan is held by a bearing member such as a gotoku or the like and heated by a heating member such as a gas burner.

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July 27, 1999
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January 14, 1998
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A47J37/06; A47J27/00; (IPC1-7): A47J27/00; A47J37/06
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็”ฐ่พบ ๆ•้ƒŽ