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Japanese Patent JP3509825
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PURPOSE: To provide a multiphase flow meter, by which the constitution can be comparatively simplified, and a flow by each phase can be measured with high accuracy.
CONSTITUTION: Impedance measuring circuits 22, 32 measure a change of electrostatic capacity between electrodes varied according to a dielectric constant of a mixed-phase fluid of multiphase by applying the voltage, the frequency of which is varied between the electrodes. Arithmetic circuits 23, 33 receive the output of the impedance measuring circuits 22, 32 to obtain the ratio of each phase of a mixed-phase fluid by operation. Further, there are provided two sets of mixed-phase density meters 20, 30 constructed so that both electrodes are installed at a designated space in a pipeline 10 where a mixed-phase fluid to be measured flows, and a correlative arithmetic circuit 40, to which ratio signals obtained from two sets of mixed-phase density meters 20, 30 are added, and which is adapted to obtain a flow by each phase of a mixed-phase fluid by detecting fluctuation caused by the flow of a mixed-phase fluid to obtain the delay time corresponding to the peak of the correlation function of the respective signals.

Mikuriya, Kenta
Yamazaki, Daisuke
Tanaka, Hitoaki
Fueki, Manabu
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Publication Date:
March 22, 2004
Filing Date:
March 29, 1995
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G01F1/74; G01F1/64; G01F1/712; G01N27/06; (IPC1-7): G01F1/712; G01F1/64; G01F1/74; G01N27/06