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Nickel hydride storage battery
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Japanese Patent JP6151106
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a nickel hydrogen storage battery which can achieve both of the reduction in short circuit failure occurrence rate of batteries and a longer battery life.SOLUTION: A nickel hydrogen storage battery 2 comprises: an exterior can 10; an alkaline electrolyte; and an electrode group 22 arranged by winding a positive electrode 24 and a negative electrode 26 with a separator 28 interposed therebetween together and sealed in the exterior can 10 together with the alkaline electrolyte. The negative electrode 26 has: a metal sheet 40 having a first surface 42 located on the outer side of the electrode group 22 in a radial direction thereof, and a second surface 44 located on the inner side of the electrode group 22 in the radial direction; a first negative electrode mixture layer 54 formed on the first surface 42 of the metal sheet 40; and a second negative electrode mixture layer 56 formed on the second surface 44 of the metal sheet 40. The first negative electrode mixture layer 54 includes hydrogen-absorbable alloy particles 50, and the second negative electrode mixture layer 56 includes hydrogen-absorbable alloy particles 52. The hydrogen-absorbable alloy particles 50 are smaller than the hydrogen-absorbable alloy particles 52 in average particle diameter.

Toshiki Sato
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June 21, 2017
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June 26, 2013
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fdk corporation
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H01M10/28; H01M4/24; H01M4/38; H01M4/64
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Koji Nagato