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Japanese Patent JP3003599
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain a ferrite having a low dielectric loss and a high saturation magnetization by mixing powders in a composition within a specific range based on a compositional formula represented by the formula and baking the resultant mixture.
SOLUTION: This ferrite is an Ni-Zn-based ferrite obtained by mixing powders and baking the resultant mixture within the ranges of 0.55≤X≤0.80, 0.001≤Y≤0.20 and 0.001≤Z≤0.04. The reason why the limitation is made on the ranges is as follows: The saturation magnetization is reduced and the dielectric loss is increased even when the composition X is below 0.55 or above 0.80. The dielectric loss is increased when the manganese composition Y is below 0.001 and is reduced when the manganese composition Y is above 0.20. The dielectric loss is increased when the zirconium composition Z is below 0.001 and the saturation magnetization is reduced when the zirconium composition Z above 0.04. The manganese and zirconium need to be added at the same time. A lower dielectric loss is obtained when the composition is Ni0.6ZnO0.4Fe1.96 Mn0.03Zr0.01O4.

Ishikawa, Katsuhisa
Sasaki, Yasuhiro
Ochi, Atsushi
Myoga, Osamu
Okada, Yoshitsugu
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Publication Date:
January 31, 2000
Filing Date:
November 20, 1996
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C01G49/00; C04B35/26; C04B35/30; H01F1/34; (IPC1-7): C04B35/30; C01G49/00; H01F1/34
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若林 忠

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