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Japanese Patent JPS601167
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Derivs. Ar-NY-COCH2-Cl (I) are new. (where Ar is opt substd. 5-pyrimidinyl and Y is 1-8C alkyl, 3-8C alkenyl, 3-8C alkynyl, 3-8C cycloalkyl, 5-8C cycloalkenyl w (3-8C cycloalkyl)-(1-5C alkyl) opt. substd. by F, Cl or Br a Y is a gp.-CH(R1)-CO-Y1 in which R1 is H or 1-5C alkyl and -CO-Y1 is an ester a amide function or Y is a gp. -R2-Az in which R2 is methylene or ehtylene opt. substd. by 1-5C alkyl, and Az is a di- or triazole ring linked to R2 via nitrogen or is a 5-membered aromatic hetero-ring, linked to R2 via carbon, contg. 1-3 hetero atoms selected from O, S and N, or a pyrimidinyl gp. or Y is a gp. -A-O-R3 in which R3 is H, opt. substd. 1-8C alkyl, 3-8C alkenyl, 3-8C alkynyl, 3-8C cycloalkyl, 5-8C cycloalkenyl or (3-8C cycloalkyl)-(1-5C alkyl) or a gp. N =C (R4)(R4') (where R4 and R4' are H, 1-5C alkyl, 3-5C alkenyl,3-5C alkynyl, 3-8C cycloalkyl, 5-8C cycloalkenyl or (3-8C cycloalkyl) -(1-5C alkyl) opt. substd. by F , Cl or Br, or alkenyl, at least one of R4 and R4' being other than H) and A is a hydrocarbon residue which can be linked with R3 to form a saturated O-contg. hetero ring contg. 1 or 2 O-atoms as hetero atoms, provided that A separates the O- and N-atoms to which it is linked by at least 2C -atoms or Y is a gp. -CH(R5)-C(R5'):NOR4" in which R4" is as defined for R4 above and R5 and R5' are each H or CH3 or together represent tri- or tetramethylene or Y is alkenyl or -CH2CH:C:CH2, or Y is a gp. -CH(R6)-B in which R6 is H or 1-3C alkyl and B is N-methylacetamide or a 5-membered lactan ring linked to the CH(R)- gp. via nitrigen). - Cpds. have affects on plant growth and are suitable for use as herbicides with selectivity with respect to bultivated plants, e.g. cereals or maize and, esp., broadleaved cultures such as cotton, sugar beet, potatoes, sunflower, rape or flax. The cpds. have favourable soil resistance. (40pp Dwg.No.0/0) GBAB- GB2127404 B Processes for the production of a compound of formula (I) wherein Ar is 5-pyrimidinyl unsubstituted or substituted and Y is a hydrocarbon selected from C1-8 alkyl, C3-8 alkenyl, C3-8 alkinyl, C3-8 cycloalkyl, C5-8 cycloalkenyl, C3-8 cycloalkyl-C1-5alkyl, whereby such hydrocarbon is unsubstituted or substituted by halogen selected from F, Cl or Br or is a group CH(R1)-COY1, wherein R1 is H or C1-5alkyl and Y1 forms together with the CO-group to which it is bound an ester or amide function or is a group R2-Az, wherein R2 is CH2 or CH2-CH2 unsubstituted or substituted by C1-5alkyl and Az is a di-or triazole linked by one of its nitrogen atoms to R2, or is a 5membered aromatic heteroring linked by a C-atom of said ring to R2 and having 1, 2 or 3 heteroatoms selected from the group consisting of O, S or N, or is a pyrimidinyl group or is a group A-O-R3.

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January 07, 1985
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September 12, 1983
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A01N43/56; A01P13/00; C07D239/42; C07D239/46; C07D239/47; C07D239/48; C07D239/50; C07D239/52; C07D239/56; C07D239/58; C07D333/00; C07D403/12; C07D409/12; C07D413/12; C07D417/12; C07D521/00; A01N43/54; (IPC1-7): C07D239/42; A01N43/56; C07D239/47; C07D239/48; C07D239/50; C07D239/52; C07D239/56; C07D239/58; C07D403/12; C07D409/12; C07D413/12; C07D417/12
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Aoyama Aoi

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