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Japanese Patent JP4062369
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An integrated process for the preparation of O-substituted hydroxyammonium salts of formula (I) without isolation of intermediates comprises: (a) reacting acetone with hydroxylammonium sulphate and sodium hydroxide solution to give acetone oxime of formula (II); (b) treating the obtained (II) solution with NaOH solution and completely eliminating water; (c) reacting the obtained suspension of acetone oxime sodium salt of formula (III) with an alkylating agent RY (IV) at 0.5-15 (preferably 1-4) bar and at up to 140 degrees C in presence of a phase transfer catalyst, to give an acetone oxime ether of formula (V); and (d) cleaving (V) with HX to give (I). Steps (a)-(c) are carried out in the same non-polar, aprotic solvent and step (d) is effected with concentrated acid. H2NOR.HX (I) Me2C=NOH (II) Me2C=NONa (III) Me2C=NOR (V) R = 1-6C alkyl or 2-6C alkenyl (both optionally substituted by halo); X = Cl or Br; and Y = nucleofugous group.

Michael, Kyle
Joseph, Val
Ulrich, Klein
Wolfgang, Ville
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March 19, 2008
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October 16, 1995
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BASF Aktiengesellschaft
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C07C239/20; C07C249/04; C07C249/08; C07C249/12; C07C251/38; C07C251/40
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Satoshi Eto

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