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Japanese Patent JP3799137
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To facilitate the confirmation operation of operation contents and an operation result and to avoid the generation of operation errors by indicating an operation content display image for indicating the operation contents to a work and the operation result at a display means arranged near an operation position. SOLUTION: An operator performs the tightening operation of a bolt which is a component to the prescribed part of the work with the operation content display image of an operation image display area 52 as a help corresponding to the display contents of a process operation display area 56 and a quality management item display area 58 displayed on an operation helping screen 50. A measurement data processing part compares measured torque with the data of an allowable range, and when it is out of the range, it is displayed that it is not appropriate torque and re-measurement is urged. When it is the appropriate torque, the torque is recorded in a data base file and the next operation helping screen 50 is displayed. Since the operation content display image and an operation result display image are simultaneously displayed on the operation helping screen 50, the operator performs an operation and confirms the operation result by referring to only one display.

新田 政雄
並木 公
浜野 洋
辻 禎年
東 敏行
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Publication Date:
July 19, 2006
Filing Date:
July 15, 1997
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G07C3/00; (IPC1-7): G07C3/00
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千葉 剛宏
佐藤 辰彦