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Japanese Patent JPH05272308
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PURPOSE:To lower a temperature of working medium so that thermal decomposition of the working medium can be prevented even when a plant is stopped in an emergency in the organic medium applied motive power recovery plant. CONSTITUTION:An organic medium applied motive power recovery plant is provided with a primary pipe 21 in which heat source fluid is flowed and a closed loop shape secondary pipe 22 in which low boiling point organic medium is flowed as working medium. An evaporator 24 to evaporate the working medium by means of heat exchange with the heat source fluid of the primary pipe 21, a turbine 25 driven by means of generated medium steam, a condenser 27 to condense exhaust steam of this turbine and a by-pass pipe 29 which connects the evaporator 24 side and the condenser 27 to each other while by-passing the turbine 25 and is opened when the plant is stopped in an emergency, are provided in the secondary pipe 22. An emergency cooling device 36 to supply cooling fluid to the upstream part of the evaporator 24 when the plant is stopped in an emergency, is provided in the primary pipe 21.

Yoshio Nakano
Satoshi Osawa
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Publication Date:
October 19, 1993
Filing Date:
March 26, 1992
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Toshiba Corporation
International Classes:
F01K25/10; (IPC1-7): F01K25/10
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Hisano Hatano (1 person outside)