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Japanese Patent JP3464329
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To improve the life of a position detecting means without supplying waste current by supplying power to the position detecting means of an output head only at the time of driving the drive source of an output head moving mean and stopping the supply of power to the position detecting means when the drive source is stopped.
SOLUTION: When a control signal 21 is changed from an H level signal to an L level signal and the pulse motor 9 of a moving means is rotated, the signal 21 is inverted to the H level by an inverter 41. An analog switch 53 is conducted by the H level signal, and power source voltage is supplied from a power source Vcc 18 to a light emitting diode 47a of the position detecting means (photocoupler 47), and the diode 47a emits a light. Thereafter, when the signal 21 becomes the H level, the L level signal inverted by the inverter 41 is applied to the gate of the switch 53, and hence it is interrupted, the power source voltage from the power source Vcc 18 is not supplied, and the diode 47a is deenergized.

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Endo, Yoshiyuki
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November 10, 2003
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January 09, 1996
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Kano, Densan Hongkong Yugenkoshi
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B41J19/18; B41J19/30; (IPC1-7): B41J19/18; B41J19/30
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谷 義一 (外1名)