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Japanese Patent JP3328315
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PURPOSE: To provide a quickly-acting overcurrent protection element having high withstand voltage and excellent in reliability and safety by mixing a non- oxidizing chlorine compound in a dopant-containing conductive polyaniline.
CONSTITUTION: Hydrochloric acid is added to polyaniline by about 30-50mol% by chemical doping method. Hydrochloric acid amine is then mixed as a non- oxidizing chlorine compound in the polyaniline by more than 10-wt% and the total weight is 50vol% or less. This macromolecular compound is molded into the shape of e.g. a disk and element resistance and heat capacity are regulated by adjustment of the diameter, length and volume of the disk. An electrode material such as Au is added thereto. With this constitution, the element is larger in the temperature coefficient of resistivity than conventional ones that use conductive polymers, and so reacts to over current more quickly. In addition, the element is high in withstand voltage and does not cause thermorunaway and has high reliability, and the possibility of causing fire is eliminated.

Kobayashi, Nobuo
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Publication Date:
September 24, 2002
Filing Date:
March 05, 1992
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H01H85/06; H01L51/05; H01L51/30; (IPC1-7): H01H85/06
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岩見谷 周志