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Japanese Patent JP3171729
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PURPOSE: To safely suspend even a heavy panel as well as to easily install a panel suspending tool on the panel and to remove it from the panel.
CONSTITUTION: A linear hook member 14 stored in a lower part of linear axis body 11 is supported on the axis body 11 free to revolve by a pin 15. On the axis body 11, a presser spring 19 is fit, and on a lower end part of the presser spring 19, a washer 13 is installed. The washer 13, in the state where no compressive force works on the presser spring 19, prevents revolution of the hook member 14 stored in the axis body 11. When the axis body 11 is inserted into a through hole 21 of a panel 20, the washer 13 is made contact with the surface of the panel 20 with pressure, and the presser spring 19 is compressed. Additionally, when the axis body 11 is inserted into the through hole 21 of the panel 20, the hook member 14 is revolved by its dead weight as prevention of revolution by the washer 13 is released, and each side part is extended to each side of the axis body 11 and the hook member 14 come to be in the state orthogonal with the axis body 11.

Tomiyama, Keiichi
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Publication Date:
June 04, 2001
Filing Date:
July 13, 1993
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B66C1/14; B66C1/66; (IPC1-7): B66C1/14
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倉内 義朗