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Japanese Patent JP3181389
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PURPOSE: To avoid the seizure of a motor and the breakage of a drive section by detecting the overcurrent flowing in the motor for shifting the sheets of the first storage section to the first storage section in a lump, and temporarily stopping the current to the motor.
CONSTITUTION: A sheet storage section is constituted of the right tray 1 and the left tray 2, and the left tray 2 is provided with a mobile back fence 24 pressing the nearly center section of stacked sheets P to shift them toward the right tray 1 in a lump. The force of the back fence 24 to press the sheet bundle 2 is generated by the driving torque of a reversible shift motor 30. When a foreign object is mixed during the shift of the sheet bundle 2 and a current of a specified value or above flows in the motor 30, the information is fed to a CPU 41 from a comparator, a transistor 42 is turned off by the command from the CPU 41, and the excitation to the motor 30 is stopped. The seizure of the sheet shift motor 30 and the breakage of a shift drive section can be avoided.

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Tanabe, Chikashi
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Publication Date:
July 03, 2001
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August 07, 1992
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B65H1/26; B65H3/46; G03G15/00; (IPC1-7): B65H1/26; B65H3/46
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武 顕次郎 (外2名)