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Japanese Patent JPH08258926
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PURPOSE: To facilitate loading/unloading works for parcels by providing a shelf board in such a way that it can be moved by way of a link mechanism equipped with two links which are bridged across a space interspaced from a shelf main body.

CONSTITUTION: When a parcel P is to be loaded, a shelf board 6 is pulled out to this side with a locking section 7 arrested out of a condition that the shelf board 6 is in a housed position. The shelf board 6 is thereby projected to this side making its way roughly in a circular arc shape while both links 11 and 12 of a link mechanism 10 are being counterclockwise rocked. In this case, a tension coil spring 24 energizes the first link 11 counterclockwise together with the second link 12 in its halfway, and its movement is stopped when the knocking section 25 of the first link 11 is hit against a stopper 23. By this constitution, the shelf board 6 is kept at a place for unloading while its end periphery at this side is in a downward projected attitude. Since the shelf board 6 can be pulled out close to an operator when the parcel is unloaded as mentioned above, unloading can thereby be simply carried out.

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October 08, 1996
Filing Date:
March 28, 1995
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A47B46/00; A47B51/00; A47G29/12; B65G1/08; B65G1/14; (IPC1-7): B65G1/14; A47B46/00; A47G29/12; B65G1/08
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横井 俊之 (外2名)