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Japanese Patent JP3247493
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PURPOSE: To prevent a driver's foot from being nipped between a brake padal and a car body panel, as to a parking brake device for operating the brake pedal by an electric motor.
CONSTITUTION: On a pedal shaft 7, brake pedal 10 which is manually operated by a driver, driving arm 35 connected with the brake cable 19, and a ratchet wheel 26 driven by a motor are pivotally supported in free revolution, and a ratchet member 28 installed on the driving arm 35 is meshed with the ratchet wheel 26. When the brake pedal 10 is stepped in the A direction, the brake pedal 10 and the driving arm 35 are joined through a regulating means, and the driving arm 35 which is constituted so that an engagement recessed part 351 is pressed to an engagement pin 38 turns in the A direction, and a brake is operated. When the driving arm 35 is turned in the A direction by an electric motor, only the driving arm 35 turns in the A direction, leaving the brake pedal 10 separated by the regulating means, at the position shown by the figure.

Minamino, Kunio
Mori, Atsushi
Sugimoto, Akinori
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Publication Date:
January 15, 2002
Filing Date:
June 16, 1993
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International Classes:
B60T7/02; B60T7/04; B60T7/06; B60T13/74; G05G1/30; (IPC1-7): B60T7/06; B60T7/02; G05G1/14
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落合 健 (外1名)