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Japanese Patent JPH04163551
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PURPOSE: To facilitate the renewal of a pellicle film by stretching this pellicle film shiftably across one side face of a pellicle frame.

CONSTITUTION: Two grooves 4, 4' are installed in frame materials 2a, 2b of two pellicle frames being opposed, while a rotatable shaft 5 rolled with a pellicle film 3 is installed in the groove 4 on one side, and another shaft, fixing one end of the pellicle film 3 and making it rotatable so as to be windable, is installed in the groove 4' on the other. Therefore the pellicle film 3 is stretchable on the pellicle frame 2, and when the pellicle film 3 has come to be necessary for replacement due to dust sticking or the like, the pellicle film 3 is wound up by rotating the one side shaft 6 whereby a new part of the pellicle film 3 is drawn out of the other side shaft 5, thus the pellicle film on the pellicle frame 2 is renewable. With this constitution, the renewal of the pellicle film becomes facilitated.

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Publication Date:
June 09, 1992
Filing Date:
October 29, 1990
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G03F1/62; H01L21/027; (IPC1-7): G03F1/14; H01L21/027