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Japanese Patent JP2015080039
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a piezoelectric device that has reduced variation in its frequency due to distortion of a thermal expansion difference, and has a small size and high productivity.SOLUTION: A piezoelectric device 100 includes: a piezoelectric vibration piece 10 vibrating at a predetermined frequency; a supporting platform 40 having a pair of electrode pads 41a and 41b for mounting the piezoelectric vibration piece on a third surface and having a pair of terminals on a fourth surface on the opposite side of the third surface; an integrated circuit element 20 including a built-in oscillation circuit for oscillating the piezoelectric vibration piece or a built-in thermistor for measuring temperature around the piezoelectric vibration piece; a wiring substrate 30 in which the supporting platform and the integrated circuit element are mounted on a fifth surface including wiring and having an external terminal on a six surface on the opposite side of the fifth surface; and a lid 50 airtightly sealing the piezoelectric vibration piece, the supporting platform, and the integrated circuit element. The piezoelectric vibration piece is mounted on the supporting platform so that the longitudinal direction of the piezoelectric vibration piece is aligned with the longitudinal direction of the rectangle of the wiring substrate, and the integrated circuit element is disposed between the piezoelectric vibration piece and the wiring substrate.

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April 23, 2015
Filing Date:
October 15, 2013
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H03B5/32; H01L23/02; H03H9/02; H03H9/08
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伊藤 信和