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Japanese Patent JPS61233814
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PURPOSE:To prevent hunting and to cope with a steady-state or temporary fluctuation of the operating characteristic by deciding the propriety of correction based on a position change and applying correction with a correction amount integrated from the initial value when no correction is required. CONSTITUTION:A basic controlled variable deciding means 6 decides a basic controlled variable corresponding to a position deviation between an actual position of an object 1 to be controlled detected by a position detection means 3 and an object position set by an object position deciding means 4. A position change amount detection means 7 detects the position change at each prescribed period, a comparison means 8 compares that the position change is a prescribed value or below so as to discriminates the propriety of correction, a correction amount deciding means 10 generates a correction whose value is changed in terms of integration at each generation of an output of required correction and the correction amount is reset to the initial value corresponding to the decision output representing unnecessity of correction of the comparison means 8 by a reset means 11. A drive signal generating means 9 controls the basic controlled variable by generating a drive signal corresponding to the controlled variable corrected by the correction amount.

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Publication Date:
October 18, 1986
Filing Date:
April 08, 1985
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G05D3/12; F02D45/00; G05B19/18; G05B19/19; (IPC1-7): F02D45/00; G05B19/18; G05D3/12