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Japanese Patent JP2017095310
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a powder composition capable of reducing elution amount of hexavalent chromium from neutralization proceeded waste concrete powder for preventing elution of hexavalent chromium concerned after recycling because there is problem that the hexavalent chromium in cement is fixed to hydrate in a process of hydrate and the cement hydrate fixing the hexavalent chromium is decomposed and hexavalent chromium is eluted hexavalent chromium when it is neutralized, waste concrete powder used by fragmentation is easy to be neutralized as proceeding of neutralization is large if specific surface area is large generally and elution amount of a minor component becomes large.SOLUTION: There is provided a powder composition by mixing 1 to 100 pts.mass of a waste concrete material removing a coarse aggregate with 1 to 100 pts.mass, preferably 1 to 10 pts.mass, especially preferably 2 to 5 pts.mass of high blast slag fine powder having Blaine specific surface area adjusted to 6000 cm/g or more, preferably 6000 to 8000 cm/g. The powder composition is used for recycle sub-base, recycle back-filling material and recycle backfill material or the like.SELECTED DRAWING: None

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June 01, 2017
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November 25, 2015
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C04B18/16; B09B3/00; C04B18/14; E01C3/04