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Japanese Patent JP2006009093
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To provide a powder-guiding holder which charges/supplies a molding powder into a vessel regardless of the shape, the size (the top and an outside diameter) and the presence or absence of a core bar, and charges/supplies the molding powder without causing a core gap between the core bar and the vessel, when having the core bar.

This powder-guiding holder A used when charging the molding powder into the vessel by vibrating the vessel 10 while supplying the powder from an opening 10a in the upper part of the vessel comprises: an external cylinder 1 the lower end of which internally contacts the opening 10a of the vessel; an internal cylinder 2 concentrically arranged inside the external cylinder 1; an arm 3 for connecting the external cylinder 1 with the internal cylinder 2, while shielding little space between the external cylinder 1 and the internal cylinder 2; and a coupling means 5 installed in the internal cylinder 2. Furthermore, the internal cylinder 2 has a lower end formed into the size corresponding to the upper end of the core bar 11, so as to cope with the case of arranging the core bar 11 in the vessel 10; and the coupling means 5 has caps 8 and 9 detachably coupled above it, which have each a diameter approximately equal to or larger than that of the core bar 11 and are both provided with a slope.

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Publication Date:
January 12, 2006
Filing Date:
June 25, 2004
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International Classes:
B22F3/035; B22F3/04; B28B13/02
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Yoshiyuki Kaji
Makoto Suhara