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Japanese Patent JPS58170360
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PURPOSE:To stabilize the operation of the titled power supply circuit using a compact constitution by a method wherein a DC output voltage is detected, said DC output voltage is stabilized by supplying the detected output to a control coil, and when the DC output voltage exceeds the prescribed value, the DC output voltage is dropped. CONSTITUTION:A stabilized DC voltage is supplied to load RL when a switch S2 is turned to ON. A diode D11 is in OFF position if the DC output voltage is normal, and as transistors Q11 and Q12 are also in OFF position, a control circuit 6 performed a stabilized operation continuously. When the DC output voltage is increased due to a trouble and the like and exceeds the prescribed value, which is determined by the partial voltage ratio of the resistors R11 and R12 and the Zener voltage of the diode 11, the diode D11 is turned to ON, and transistors Q11 and Q12 are also turned to ON. Accordingly, a large collector current runs on a transistor Q3, the control current on the coil Nc of a transistor or T1 becomes larger, a core is saturated, and the DC output voltage drops.

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October 06, 1983
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March 29, 1982
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H02M3/28; H02M3/338; (IPC1-7): H02M3/24
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Sada Ito

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