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Japanese Patent JP3673921
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a preloading panel type earth retaining which is implemented by supporting panel members by struts, wherein the struts are resistant to contraction in a compressive direction and expandable in an expanding direction but restrained by a stopper when expanded to the maximum, and wherein hydraulic pressure or air pressure is applied to the struts to pressurize a mud wall via the panel members and apply a preload to the mud wall, thereby improving working efficiency, saving labor, and ensuring the security of workers.
SOLUTION: The preloading panel type earth retaining is implemented by providing a pair of the panel members 1, the struts 3 supporting an interval between the panel members 1, brackets 2 connecting the panel members 1 and each strut 3, and a hydraulic jack 4. The strut 3 has a slot 5 formed in the entire area of its joint portion, and each bracket 2 has a bracket pin hole 6 formed therein, to thereby connect each panel member 1 to each end of the strut 3. The panel member 1 is fixed to the bracket 2 by a strut mounting pin 9, and the strut 3 is prevented from slipping out of the bracket 2 by inserting a pin 7 into a joint portion, and by attaching a lock ring 8. In this manner, components for the panel type earth retaining is assembled.

Fukumori Kenichi
Hideki Maeda
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Publication Date:
July 20, 2005
Filing Date:
October 02, 2002
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Japan Speed Shore Co., Ltd.
International Classes:
E02D17/08; (IPC1-7): E02D17/08
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