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Japanese Patent JPH02305629
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PURPOSE: To simplify a working process and to extend the life of a stamper by a method wherein one surface of a substrate formed into a disc shape from a metal material is polished into a mirror surface state to be coated with a resist and the coated substrate is exposed to form an exposure mark and, after development, the resist is removed and the exposed surface of the substrate is etched to remove the resist not removed by development.

CONSTITUTION: One surface of a substrate 1 formed into a disc shape from a hard metal plate is precisely polished into a mirror surface state and a resist 2 is applied to the polished surface thereof to be subjected to soft-baking and, thereafter, the resist 2 is irradiated with laser beam to be subjected to cutting exposure to form exposure marks becoming a base of pits 3... or groups. After the resist 2 is developed, the substrate is subjected to hard-baking to etch the surface exposed by development of the substrate 1 at a predetermined depth. After the completion of etching, the resist 2 not removed by development is removed by a solvent such as a remover to form a stamper.

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Publication Date:
December 19, 1990
Filing Date:
May 19, 1989
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International Classes:
B29C33/38; B29D17/00; G11B7/26; (IPC1-7): B29C33/38; B29D17/00; G11B7/26
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Kenzo Hara