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Japanese Patent JP3196376
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PURPOSE: To decrease the cost required for a press die even in the case of manufacturing a product consisting of many kinds of plate length by allowing a indentation part and a punched hole to coincide with each other, and also, forming plural pieces of punched holes at a desired interval in the plate length direction of a stock.
CONSTITUTION: A plate material 14 is fed into a press die so as to advance in the plate length direction of the plate material 14, and its working is executed in order of a bending process, a coining process, a sizing process, a tube piercing process, and a side plate piercing/parting process, and a header plate having an arbitrary number of pieces of punched holes 12 and arbitrary plate length is manufactured. In this regard, in the sizing process, based on plate width of the plate material 14, compression force of a bending part 9 is changed, and also, based on plate thickness of the plate material 14, compressive force of an indentation part 11 is changed, by which the elongation amounts in the plate length direction of the bending part 9 and a bottom plate part 10 are adjusted so as to become the same.

Kuroda, Yoshitaka
Ikeda, Takao
Yamamoto, Kazutoshi
Inoue, Tamotsu
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Publication Date:
August 06, 2001
Filing Date:
November 27, 1992
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B21D35/00; B21D37/08; B21D53/02; B21D53/08; F28D1/053; F28F9/02; (IPC1-7): B21D53/02; B21D35/00
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石黒 健二