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Japanese Patent JPS6324301
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PURPOSE:To easily execute an optimum mode control even at the time of changing a desired value, by executing a control operation, based on a deviation of the desired value and a controlled variable by a control operation part in accordance with a set transfer function, and also, providing a desired value input filter which can set freely a necessary time constant. CONSTITUTION:A deviation of a desired value and a controlled variable, which passes through a desired value input part filter 11 is operated by a deviation computing element 12, and based on this deviation value, a control operation part 14 executes a control operation and calculates a manipulated variable for operating a control object process 13 for allowing the controlled variable to coincide with the desired value. A result of this calculation and a disturbance are supplied through an input terminal 15 and the controlled variable is outputted from the process 13. To these operation part 14 and filter part 11, respectively, a necessary transfer function and a necessary delay time constant calculated by a parameter operation part 17 with respect to setting of a response waveform time constant setting part 16 corresponding to a disturbance and a target change are supplied, and an optimum mode control can be executed by an easy setting operation, not only against the disturbance but also even at the time of changing the desired value.

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February 01, 1988
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May 28, 1987
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G05B13/00; G05B13/02; (IPC1-7): G05B13/00
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Noriyuki Noriyuki