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Japanese Patent JPH0341642
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PURPOSE: To produce the optical recording medium of a good dynamic balance with a simple stage without generating a recessed part in the outside shape by executing cutting by irradiation with light beams and increasing the cutting speed in the part where light beams intersect at the time when the optical recording medium is cut from an original plate.

CONSTITUTION: Stuck substrates 1 are installed onto an X-Y stage 6 and cutting lines 3 intersect at an intersection point 5 like the cutting line 3 from a beginning point 7 to an end point 8 to cut the outside shape. Any outputs of the laser beams to be used for the cutting are usable if the outputs are in such a range where the end faces of the stuck substrates 1 are not melted by the cutting and adhesive agents do not melt and bleed to the outside. The cutting lines intersect at the intersection part and, therefore, the recessed part by the melting of the resin is liable to arise at the end part and since such recessed parts are generated more in the end part than in the non-intersection parts, the relative line speed is set higher than in the non-intersection part. The optical recording medium which is free from the recessed parts in the outside shape and has the good dynamic balance is produced by the simplified cutting stage in this way.

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Publication Date:
February 22, 1991
Filing Date:
July 10, 1989
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B23K26/40; B23K26/38; B29D17/00; G11B7/26; (IPC1-7): B23K26/00; B29D17/00; G11B7/26
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Wakabayashi Tadashi