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Japanese Patent JPH1037555
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To form the whole internal surface of a door into a structure having high protecting performance by forming a part of an opening and closing handle provided on a metallic door having a protecting layer on the whole internal surface into a bar receiver, and providing a chain lock mechanism having a bar protruded and recessed to the bar receiver in the part corresponding to the bar receiver of a mounting frame member for the door.

A door 2 having an outer sheath formed of steel plate is mounted on the inside vertical ends of a metallic frame member 1 through hinges 3, 4 thereon. Opening and closing handles 5, 6 are provided on the inner surface side or on both inner and outer surfaces sides of the door 2 having a protecting material 2c for burglar prevention and fire prevention filled in the whole internal surface, and a part of the handle 5 is formed into a bar receiver 5a. Further, a chain lock mechanism 7 having a bar 7e protruded and recessed to the bar receiver 5a is provided in the position corresponding to the bar receiver 5a in a mounting frame member 1 having the door 2 mounted through the hinges 3, 4. Thus, in application to the entrance of a facility requiring to hold high security, the protecting performance of door can be enhanced in the whole surface of the door.

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February 10, 1998
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July 23, 1996
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E05B55/08; E05B65/06; (IPC1-7): E05B65/06; E05B55/08
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樋口 盛之助 (外1名)