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Japanese Patent JPH11221123
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To install a rack without the need of especially providing fittings such as a nail, a screw or the like and further without damaging a part to be fitted by stretching struts vertically and fixing the same, and arranging rotatable shelf boards on the front faces of the struts.

Side frames 12b of shelf boards 12 are inserted between an upper support piece 13 and a lower support piece 13c of a shelf board holder 13, and a shaft hole provided in the side frame 12b of the shelf board 12 and a shaft hole provided in the shelf board holder 13 are aligned with each other to insert a shaft 14, from the outside, whereby the shelf board 12 is journalled between the upper support piece 13b and the lower support piece 13c of the shelf board holder 13 in such a manner as to freely turn up and down. A set screw 15 is screwed from the rear into an inward rear piece of the shelf board holder 13 to fix the shelf board 12 and the strut 1. In assembling the struts 1, a fixture 4 formed by an inner cylinder 6 and a set screw 7 is put on the upper end of a large-diameter outer pipe 2 and fixed, and a boss of a level adjuster 5 formed by a base plate 8, a frame piece 9 and a rotary nut 10 is inserted in the lower end of the outer pipe 2 and fixed.

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August 17, 1999
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February 06, 1998
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A47B46/00; A47B96/14; (IPC1-7): A47B46/00; A47B96/14