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Japanese Patent JP3214448
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To enable efficient transmission and to attain protection of transmission facilities by providing an antenna with an extracting means for a high frequency signal and a rectifying means for generating a DC signal by rectifying the high frequency signal, superimposing the DC signal on the high frequency signal and separating the high frequency signal and DC signal at a radio equipment part.
SOLUTION: One terminal of a coil 5, which connects the other terminal to an antenna connector 4, is connected to a control circuit 14 and the coil 5 passes only the DC signal with inductance showing sufficiently high reactance to the frequency of a transmission wave. One part of the transmission wave supplied from an antenna connector 6 to an antenna 13 is extracted by a coupler 8. The output of the coupler 8 is detected by a detector 9 and a detected voltage VDT from the detector 9 is superimposed on the transmission wave through a coil 7. At a transmission part 12, the detected voltage VDT superimposed on the transmission wave is extracted by the coil 5 and based on this detected voltage VDT, a control circuit 14 performs automatic level control(ALC) for controlling the attenuation amount of a variable attenuator 2.

Yajima, Hirohito
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October 02, 2001
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May 28, 1998
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H03K17/78; H03G3/30; H04B1/04; H04B3/46; H04B7/26; H04B17/00; H04B17/12; H04W24/04; H04W52/04; H04W88/08; (IPC1-7): H04B1/04; H04B17/00
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堀 城之