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Japanese Patent JP3175287
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PURPOSE: To provide the radio equipment for press-to-talk system for automatically executing self-diagnosis during the operation concerning the radio equipment for press-to-talk system provided with 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th loopback passages for returning from the respective units of a transmission system to the respective units of a reception system.
CONSTITUTION: This radio equipment is provided with a standby state detecting means 1 to start the operation of a self-diagnostic control means 2 when a standby state is obtained, self-diagnostic control means 2 to successively establish the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th loopback passages corresponding to the signal of the operation start and to operate a normality/abnormality judging means 3 every time, and normality/abnormality judging means 3 to input the signal of voice frequency band at a prescribed level from the input of a base band part 11 at the transmission system corresponding to an operating command, to judge whether the signal passed through the loopback passage and outputted from the output of a base band part 21 at the reception part is at the same frequency as the input signal and at the prescribed level or not, and to output the signal of the voice frequency band at the different frequency each time the 1st-4th loopback passages are established when they are different.

Nakayama, Takenobu
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Publication Date:
June 11, 2001
Filing Date:
April 20, 1992
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H04B1/04; H04B1/54; H04B17/00; H04B17/10; H04B17/16; H04B17/17; H04B17/23; H04B17/29; (IPC1-7): H04B17/00; H04B1/04
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横山 淳一