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Japanese Patent JP3817874
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To improve cooling performance, form a device in a compact size, lighten a weight, reduce costs, improve durability, and improve a performance for loading the device on a vehicle, in an EGR cooler for improving a volumetric efficiency of an engine by cooling circulating exhaust gas and for improving an engine performance such as an output and fuel consumption, in the case where exhaust gas is recirculated efficient for reducing NOx in exhaust gas in a vehicular engine, especially a diesel engine.
SOLUTION: A ceramic made cylindrical heat exchange core member 36 provided with many penetrated passages having a small cross section crossing an EGR gas passage 20 and a cooling fluid (air in a normal condition) passage 40, is arranged, and is rotated loosely. A passage part cooled by the cooling fluid is cooled by bypassing EGR gas, and thereby, the volumetric efficiency of an engine is increased. Disk shaped supporting plates 68, 70 are rotatably journalled to seal plates 56, 62 adjacently arranged to an end wall of a housing 38 for housing a core member 36, an output shaft 82 of a variable speed electric motor is operationally connected to the supporting plates 68, 70, and the core member 36 is driven on its center part. Rotating speed of the core member 36 is changed according to the operating condition of the engine so as to control a cooling temperature of the EGR gas.

Yoshiyuki Akao
Nakazawa Norio
Koji Ogita
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September 06, 2006
Filing Date:
October 29, 1997
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Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Co., Ltd.
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F02M25/07; F28D19/04; (IPC1-7): F02M25/07; F28D19/04
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Toshiro Mitsuishi
Tadahiro Mitsuishi
Yasuyuki Tanaka
Hiroshi Matsumoto